Sunday, 4 March 2012

Hamish The Brave

Sometimes in life we meet someone who has the ability to make us feel good about ourselves. Our pal Hamish was a fine example of that certain someone. Today he made the journey over The Rainbow Bridge although his pawprint will remain in our hearts forever. He will be running free right about now but at the same time keeping an eye on us all.

It is not difficult to find the words to describe Hamish because if you think of everything that is good and perfect about this world then that would fit him. His name Hamish The Brave suited him perfectly, not only was he brave but beautiful inside and out.

One of the things we adored about him was his infectious laugh or 'snigger' as he would add to a comment he might make. His words were often said tongue in cheek when teasing a pal but more often his comments made the listener feel 10 foot tall - quite an achievement when you are a little dog like me! 

My pals and I felt that we would like to put down in words just how we felt about him.  Obviously we could write pages about what a great little guy he was but here is just a taster:

'For Hamish...No goodbyes pal because you won't be far away.  I know when I shout 'HAMISHHHHHH' you will hear me and guide me in the right direction.  Next time we meet we will play from morning until night and plan even more mischief! Proud to be your pal always. Jack McWestie xxxxxx'

'Dear Hamish,
Run free at the bridge with your pain long gone, they'll be no more tears in Heaven but a million tears are raining down here. Cosmo xxx'

'I have chosen the most beautiful angel in Heaven to look after you until we meet again ..Coco'

Indra says, 'So how would I describe Hamish? A beautiful kind and thoughtful pal with the instincts to know how you feel and the wisdom to know what to say at just the right time.  And as for his wit - well his relentless banter with his pals will be greatly missed, especially when followed by a *snigger* or *giggle behind paw*
Even though some tears have been shed for him in this house for him and his mum, thinking of Hamish still raises a smile and always will.

H andsome boy
A mazing generosity
M any sausages
I ncredible friend
S nuggle Sundays
H appiness bringer


We all have the most beautiful memories to take forward into each new day -  Memories of an extraordinary and special pal called Hamish - Hamish The Brave!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

The McWestie Wedding Photo album 7th January 2012

Today was the day when two hearts became one!

We had been planning our wedding for weeks and the day had finally arrived.  The setting was the magnificent Westieminster Abbey. The guests had arrived and had been shown to their seats by our pal and usher @GuntherGrunts

Bridesmaids Indra (@Indra_the_dog) and Millie (@westymad) looking splendid!

Jack (@JackMcWestie) and Coco (@coco_boylovett), all kitted out in their McWestie tartan kilts! I am so pleased Jack managed to persuade Coco to wear one. They both looked so dapper and handsome!

I was so nervous when I arrived at the Abbey with Henry (@henryandfriends) but when I saw Jack waiting at the alter all my nerves just faded away.

The organ started and I glided down the aisle to the floating chords of Ava Maria to my waiting Jack.  I could hear the gasps from my friends who had joined us at the Abbey and I felt uplifted and blessed that so many of our friends were there. The Barkbishop of Westieminster asked who was to give this Westie to this Westie and Henry replied that it was he.

Henry passed my paw to Jack and we stood in front of the Barkbishop. The Barkbishop asked everyone to stand to sing 'All Things Bright and Beautiful.'

It was then the moment we had been waiting for ... time to exchange our vows. We promised to love, honour and cherish each other for ever.  I could hear sniffles coming from behind me and became carried away on a tidal wave of emotion. At one point @Dexter_the_pug got so carried away by the emotion of it all that he called out 'I will!' Coco passed the rings to us and we slipped them onto each other's paws.

When we were pronounced husband and wife, the Abbey erupted in cheers. As we signed the register with our two witnesses Coco (@coco_boylovett) and Baxter (@Baxter_man) we were serenaded by The Hamster Choir, who had been trained by @theGObros They were amazing! Jack and I then left the Abbey to the sound of The Trumpet March.

It was then time for photographs in the gardens before getting into our carriage to drive to The Dogchester Hotel for our reception.

Group photo! Note how sweet our little flower-girl Winnie looks, there she is standing with her mum Keely (@Keely_Bobs) and dad Thomas (@PuppyNumber7)

The speeches were emotional and towards the end of the evening Baxter slipped an envelope into Jack's pocket. Jack whispered to me what was inside and I just couldn't believe it! We then danced the night away to tunes by Lexie  (@Dogstoyevsky) our pal and DJ extraordinaire. Our friends had put in special requests for romantic tunes for us and our first dance was to 'Eternal Flame.'

Baxter and me posing outside!

Oh in case you were wondering what was in the envelope from Baxter ...the envelope contained tickets for an all expenses paid honeymoon to The Maldives!

And that my friends is a whole new chapter ...

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Wedding Preparations

Today is the day. I am so excited and can hardly believe it is here. At 7 0'clock tonight I marry @JackMcWestie at Westieminster Abbey. We have the most beautiful bridesmaids - Millie @westymad and @indra_the_dog. We also have the cutest little flowergirl, Winnie, daughter of @Keely_Bobs and @PuppyNumber7

I am so happy because Jack, Coco and Henry have agreed to wear the McWestie tartan kilts! They will look so dashing, even if Jack does keep referring to it as a skirt to wind Coco up!

The carriages and cars have been arranged by our best man @coco_boylovett who incidently is spending the day looking after Jack. They spent this morning at a mud spa for a spot of pampering and who should be working there but ....@GuntherGrunts  What a surprise for Jack!  Gunther has also kindly agreed to be our usher.

I had the most relaxing morning with the most beautiful flowers delivered, first from Jack and then from Lulu and Gunther, followed by a glorious bouquet from @AnnieBella. The house smells like a florist and it's fabulous.

@henryandfriends is giving me away and the wedding is due to start at 7GMT.  We will walk up the aisle to the  floating notes of Ava Maria. We will then all sing 'Make Me a Channel of Your Peace' chosen because St Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of animals.

Jack and I will then make our vows - to love, cherish and honour each other. This will be followed by the hymn 'All things bright and beautiful' as it mentions all creatures great and small and our anipals come in all sizes. Jack and I will then sign the register while The Hamster Choir sing.

Special thanks must go to @thegobros for spending so much time training them. Jack and me will leave the church to the sound of The Trumpet March. We will then make our way to The Dogchester Hotel for a night of partying. We are fortunate to have the  fabulous DJ @dogstoyevsky

I just know it will be something I will always remember and treasure and I thank all my pals for helping Jack and me make our dream come true.

To follow our wedding use the hashtag #J4B

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Woke up so early today as I was so excited. There were 2 very special presents under the tree for me from @JackMcWestie.. I had lots more but those 2 presents wrapped in shiny paper were the ones I had waited all week to open. I had promised Jack I wouldn't peep and it had been so hard, but a promise is a promise. With my paws trembling with excitement, I unwrapped the first present. It was the most beautiful hedgehog I had ever seen in my life.  Jack had obviously given this a lot of thought, knowing how Elvis the hedgehog, who lives in my garden, was out of bounds to me. Oh how I had longed to play with him but the answer was always a firm, 'No Bonnie!'

My second present from Jack was the poshest box of doggie chocolates I had ever seen in my life! I felt just like a princess when choosing which one to have!

I had a lovely morning playing and zooming around. We had the best surprise ever when Jack's mum phoned .. I listened in with my head on one side. I wagged my tail really fast when I heard her voice!

Soon it was time for my pal Tibet to come and spend the day with us. Tibet and me are the same age and we walk with our mums every day. We are very good at zooming and today was to prove no different!

There was a knock at the door and he was here.

Let the zooming commence!

We zoomed around the lounge, we zoomed around the dining room and kitchen, stopping briefly for a quick slurp of water, we zoomed in and out of the garden and up and down the stairs. Even the Christmas tree did a little jig ... who would have believed it .. a dancing tree! Not guilty Your Honour wasn't me who knocked into it!  We had such fun! Life was made for zooming!

In the afternoon we went with mum and dad to the meadow and yap, we resumed our world attempt for non-stop zoomies. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and the birds were singing. We bumped into our friend Marley, the border terrier and he too was up for a bit of the ol' zoomies.

All too soon it was time for Tibet to go home and I crashed out on the sofa oblivious to the world. What a lovely day, what a great Christmas. I am truly blessed!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

A misty walk in the meadows

Had some glorious walks to day in the meadow but oh my doggie days was it misty. The mist covered the meadow like a fluffy duvet cover. Luckily I was wearing my tartan fleece so I could be spotted jumping through the dew drenched grass. Be safe, be seen is my motto!

Thought about how different it was  back in the spring when I first met the baby goslings and baby cygnets venturing out on the river for the first time. Their parents swam majestically in front of them, showing off their offspring to the visiting world.

Now the geese were friendly enough but the swans .. well that is a different matter. I appreciate that they are the Queen's birds but talk about attitude! One larger then life swan looked at me in a menacing way as only a ten foot swan can ... did I mention I was prone to exaggerating? Was I scared? Well I ran behind mum and dad but that was just to protect them you understand. You do understand don't you?

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Woke up very early this morning, thinking about Elvis the hedgehog who had been scurrying around in the garden all night. This is the very same hedgehog that I am NOT allowed to annoy .. sorry play with when doing my last minute checks of the perimeter before settling down for the night. I zoomed out bright and breezy and  .. nothing. Elvis sure knows how to cover his tracks.

I asked my big furbro Sid if he knew anything. Big Sid did his usual roll of the eyes and massive yawn, showing his canines .. or should that be feline teeth? No luck there then. Wanted to ask Jazz but she was still sleeping and nothing, I repeat nothing wakes her.

Oh well thought I, there are more exciting things to think about today .. like walkies and noms. Plus have been invited to a pirate pawty tonight thrown by Olly Ted. My outfit is ready and I am just waiting for @JackMcWestie to call. Time now to practise me ol' pirate lingo.