Sunday, 20 November 2011

A misty walk in the meadows

Had some glorious walks to day in the meadow but oh my doggie days was it misty. The mist covered the meadow like a fluffy duvet cover. Luckily I was wearing my tartan fleece so I could be spotted jumping through the dew drenched grass. Be safe, be seen is my motto!

Thought about how different it was  back in the spring when I first met the baby goslings and baby cygnets venturing out on the river for the first time. Their parents swam majestically in front of them, showing off their offspring to the visiting world.

Now the geese were friendly enough but the swans .. well that is a different matter. I appreciate that they are the Queen's birds but talk about attitude! One larger then life swan looked at me in a menacing way as only a ten foot swan can ... did I mention I was prone to exaggerating? Was I scared? Well I ran behind mum and dad but that was just to protect them you understand. You do understand don't you?

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