Saturday, 19 November 2011

Woke up very early this morning, thinking about Elvis the hedgehog who had been scurrying around in the garden all night. This is the very same hedgehog that I am NOT allowed to annoy .. sorry play with when doing my last minute checks of the perimeter before settling down for the night. I zoomed out bright and breezy and  .. nothing. Elvis sure knows how to cover his tracks.

I asked my big furbro Sid if he knew anything. Big Sid did his usual roll of the eyes and massive yawn, showing his canines .. or should that be feline teeth? No luck there then. Wanted to ask Jazz but she was still sleeping and nothing, I repeat nothing wakes her.

Oh well thought I, there are more exciting things to think about today .. like walkies and noms. Plus have been invited to a pirate pawty tonight thrown by Olly Ted. My outfit is ready and I am just waiting for @JackMcWestie to call. Time now to practise me ol' pirate lingo.

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