Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Woke up so early today as I was so excited. There were 2 very special presents under the tree for me from @JackMcWestie.. I had lots more but those 2 presents wrapped in shiny paper were the ones I had waited all week to open. I had promised Jack I wouldn't peep and it had been so hard, but a promise is a promise. With my paws trembling with excitement, I unwrapped the first present. It was the most beautiful hedgehog I had ever seen in my life.  Jack had obviously given this a lot of thought, knowing how Elvis the hedgehog, who lives in my garden, was out of bounds to me. Oh how I had longed to play with him but the answer was always a firm, 'No Bonnie!'

My second present from Jack was the poshest box of doggie chocolates I had ever seen in my life! I felt just like a princess when choosing which one to have!

I had a lovely morning playing and zooming around. We had the best surprise ever when Jack's mum phoned .. I listened in with my head on one side. I wagged my tail really fast when I heard her voice!

Soon it was time for my pal Tibet to come and spend the day with us. Tibet and me are the same age and we walk with our mums every day. We are very good at zooming and today was to prove no different!

There was a knock at the door and he was here.

Let the zooming commence!

We zoomed around the lounge, we zoomed around the dining room and kitchen, stopping briefly for a quick slurp of water, we zoomed in and out of the garden and up and down the stairs. Even the Christmas tree did a little jig ... who would have believed it .. a dancing tree! Not guilty Your Honour wasn't me who knocked into it!  We had such fun! Life was made for zooming!

In the afternoon we went with mum and dad to the meadow and yap, we resumed our world attempt for non-stop zoomies. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and the birds were singing. We bumped into our friend Marley, the border terrier and he too was up for a bit of the ol' zoomies.

All too soon it was time for Tibet to go home and I crashed out on the sofa oblivious to the world. What a lovely day, what a great Christmas. I am truly blessed!

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