Sunday, 4 March 2012

Hamish The Brave

Sometimes in life we meet someone who has the ability to make us feel good about ourselves. Our pal Hamish was a fine example of that certain someone. Today he made the journey over The Rainbow Bridge although his pawprint will remain in our hearts forever. He will be running free right about now but at the same time keeping an eye on us all.

It is not difficult to find the words to describe Hamish because if you think of everything that is good and perfect about this world then that would fit him. His name Hamish The Brave suited him perfectly, not only was he brave but beautiful inside and out.

One of the things we adored about him was his infectious laugh or 'snigger' as he would add to a comment he might make. His words were often said tongue in cheek when teasing a pal but more often his comments made the listener feel 10 foot tall - quite an achievement when you are a little dog like me! 

My pals and I felt that we would like to put down in words just how we felt about him.  Obviously we could write pages about what a great little guy he was but here is just a taster:

'For Hamish...No goodbyes pal because you won't be far away.  I know when I shout 'HAMISHHHHHH' you will hear me and guide me in the right direction.  Next time we meet we will play from morning until night and plan even more mischief! Proud to be your pal always. Jack McWestie xxxxxx'

'Dear Hamish,
Run free at the bridge with your pain long gone, they'll be no more tears in Heaven but a million tears are raining down here. Cosmo xxx'

'I have chosen the most beautiful angel in Heaven to look after you until we meet again ..Coco'

Indra says, 'So how would I describe Hamish? A beautiful kind and thoughtful pal with the instincts to know how you feel and the wisdom to know what to say at just the right time.  And as for his wit - well his relentless banter with his pals will be greatly missed, especially when followed by a *snigger* or *giggle behind paw*
Even though some tears have been shed for him in this house for him and his mum, thinking of Hamish still raises a smile and always will.

H andsome boy
A mazing generosity
M any sausages
I ncredible friend
S nuggle Sundays
H appiness bringer


We all have the most beautiful memories to take forward into each new day -  Memories of an extraordinary and special pal called Hamish - Hamish The Brave!

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  1. places head on free my pal at Rainbow Bridge...pleasy say hellow to Pip & say I miss her....for mum please kiss sadie...from us to you....magical hugs xxx